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In honor of the death threats I received because of my fatness, here are the rest of the photos from today. 

Bless my double chin. Bless my soft tummy. Bless my touching thighs. Bless my flabby arms, my muscled calves, and my thin ankles. Bless the way my eyes close when I smile without thinking. Bless my jiggly boobs, that refuse to let any garment fit the way it “should.” 

Bless the hard fucking work I have to do to love myself every day, and bless the fact that I am surviving. Bless the days I cry. Bless the mornings I pass the mirror without looking. Double-bless the mornings I concentrate on my reflection and ask g-d why I was made so damn perfect. 

I will not let other people’s vocalization for the hate of my body to be the end-all. I get to be the one to finish these “conversations”. The discussion of my body is a discourse that only I get to have control of, and my rules are positivity only. I will turn the daggers of distasteful, unsolicited body hate into swords of self-love. 


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Here is a fat babe to encourage you on your journey to self love.

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Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.

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#ootd #dragoncon 👻🎃😘

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Marty, I’ve been reading your movie. 

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My name is Devin, I’m 18 from the US and I’m a size 24/26.

For a long time i wasn’t very confident with the way i look but over the past few weeks of following blogs such as this one and taking more pictures of myself I’ve been a lot better. I’m proud to say that i accept my body and I’m on my way to loving it all because all of the wonderful people who run/submit to this blog. This picture is probably one of my favorites of myself…this is a step to a better me and I love it. 

Dress- Hell Bunny Motley sailor navy dress size 4x…

Come visit me if you want yoursupermancantwalk.tumblr.com

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A woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying, and even then she can still pull a trigger.
- some great quote I heard somewhere once upon a time and that is very, very true (via traffic-jam-session)
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